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For many years, photography has been my work, my everyday life and my passion. I am glad that I can connect my creative expressions with my daily work and hobby at the same time, creating mutual harmony and enthusiasm. Working with inspiring and creative people everyday, photography has changed my perception of life and taught me to look at the world through different perspectives.

I believe that photography is what we see today but feel tomorrow.

I believe there is a story in every photograph.

The most beautiful moments in life happen once - they cannot be repeated. These beautiful moments will always have a special place in our memories and the sentimental value of these memories in photographs only increases with time. Aged like fine wine. Therefore, capturing these moments is even more important. Good photos will strengthen your memories and emotions. Therefore, my goal is to document your wedding and other important life events in a creative way, emphasising details, true emotions and love.

A wedding photographer is a trusted person for your cherished day. A person who seems to be a stranger - but is the closest person throughout the day. It is both an honor and a great responsibility. A wedding photographer is like a psychologist, because there are so many worries and unanswered questions before the wedding and during the wedding itself. Therefore, I believe that an important part of the work of a wedding photographer is successful communication and relationship building with each of the couples. This relationship is the key to natural, relaxed and emotional photographs.

There is no greater satisfaction than making new friends and giving them special memories and emotions!

Our Philosophy

Photography is Art

My main work and passion is wedding photography. However, I am always open to other non-wedding projects.
I tend to express weddings and photo sessions in the style of lifestyle photojournalism, with the main task being the creation of a common picture atmosphere throughout the session, placing emphasis on details and feelings, where every stage of the picture is important because it creates a story.

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